• Painting on Birch Barck

    Recently I started painting on Birch Bark, not exactly a common material for artwork.  I was on vacation with my Husband in Wisconsin at our cousin's land when I saw bright white bark laying on the ground.  I wondered if I could paint on something like this.  So we collected a number of pieces, finding pieces with character.


    All of the Birch Bark has been lying on the ground for years and literally the only thing left of the tree. When I need Birch Bark we have a Birch Bark hunting party. All of the family comes together and we spend the day working together gathering bark and just enjoying the day. We usually collect so much that we end up with truck loads of Birch Bark. 

    Once we have collected the Birch Bark I have to clean the bark and prepare it for painting.  This includes connecting dowels to the back to shape the pieces and to connect hangers so that the bark can hang on the wall.  


    I look through the pieces of bark and each one has characteristics that guide me in what I paint on them.  I use Acrylic paint to create the images on the bark.  Once the painting is completed they are sealed.



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